Fine Art

As a medical and scientific illustrator for over 30 years, my appreciation for the beauty of nature is deeply felt. Having studied both human anatomy and biology, I find it fascinating how structures and patterns are often repeated throughout the natural world. For example, the branching pattern of tree limbs, the veins of butterfly wings and the arteries in our bodies are remarkably similar in pattern and proportion. It's my goal to highlight and focus on the elegance in nature that can be overlooked due to size or commonness; to "zoom in" on a life form to expose the incredible richness in design, shape, texture and color that exist all around us.

I always work from nature, starting with a tight pencil drawing of the specimen. This is then scanned into my Mac and used as a template to guide the rendering. Every pixel is created from scratch as I view the specimen through a magnifying glass. There is no photography involved. These images often take well over 100 hours to complete as the process is tedious and exacting. The art is then printed via a high-fidelity Giclée inkjet printer on 100% acid-free archival paper using 150 year rated pigmented inks.

Each piece is a limited edition of 500. Purchasers of the prints receive a signed certificate indicating the number of the print in the series.

Please contact me if you wish to purchase a print. There are several sizes available.

Thank you for looking.